College of Health and Human Services2012-2013

Department of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training

Physical Therapy - Entry Level, Doctor of Physical Therapy

We designed this clinical doctoral plan to include both didactic study and clinical experiences. Through this plan, you develop competencies in diagnosis, evidence-based practice, and primary care as well as a working knowledge of health-care economics. Experience in these areas prepares you to meet the current standards of the highly competitive physical therapy profession.

This plan is nationally recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association.


What Can I Do with a Doctor of Physical Therapy in Physical Therapy - Entry Level?

The doctorate of physical therapy (D.P.T.) at Northern Arizona University is a 33-month entry-level degree approved by the Arizona Board of Regents. This is an entry-level program of study and thus designed for those individuals interested in becoming a licensed physical therapist.

With further education, one of these paths is possible:
  • Licensed Physical Therapist

University Requirements

  • To receive a Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree (D.P.T.) at Northern Arizona University, you must complete a planned group of courses, consisting of 112-113 units of graduate-level courses, depending upon the student’s initial degree and transcript.

    For more information see the Requirements for Doctoral Degree: D.P.T.


In addition to University Requirements:

  • Complete individual plan requirements.

Minimum Units for Completion 111 - 114
Additional Admission Requirements Required
Fieldwork Experience/Internship Required
Research Individualized research is required.
Additional Fees/Program Fees Required


Additional Admission Requirements
  • Admission requirements over and above admission to NAU are required.
Doctoral Requirements
  • Third Spring term (15 units)
    *Required coursework only available at the Flagstaff Mountain Campus
    **Required coursework only available at the Phoenix Biomedical Campus

  • Be aware that some courses may have prerequisites that you must also take. For prerequisite information click on the course or see your advisor.

  • Program fees are established by the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR). A program fee of $2400 per year for each of three years has been approved for this program.

Campus Availability

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