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Civil and Environmental Engineering

CENE 550 - Geotechnical Evaluation And Design

Description: Advanced methods in geotechnical evaluation and design with applications in slope foundations, stability, underground construction, geosynthetics, ground improvement, and earth retention (varies). Co-convenes with CENE 450. Letter grade only. Course fee required.

Units: 3

No sections currently offered.

Requirement Designation:

Prerequisite: MAT 239 and admission to Egr-Civil Egr (MEng) or Egr-CompSci & Egr (MEng) or Egr-ElectEgr (MEng) or Egr-EnvEgr (MEng) or Egr-IndProgStdy (MEng) or Egr-MechEgr (MEng) or Egr (MEng) or Engineering (MS) or Master of Engineering TriU or Non-Deg