Computer Science
Term : Fall 2015
Catalog Year : 2015-2016

CS 577 - Advanced User Interfaces

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Description: Explores design and construction of modern graphical user interfaces, including event models, client-server interaction, and interface design and usability evaluation. Co-convenes with CS 477. Letter grade only. Prerequisite: CS 249.

Units: 3

No sections currently offered.

Prerequisite: Admission to Egr-Civil Egr (MEng) or Egr-CompSci & Egr (MEng) or Egr-ElectEgr (MEng) or Egr-EnvEgr (MEng) or Egr-IndProgStdy (MEng) or Egr-MechEgr (MEng) or Egr (MEng) or Master of Engineering TriU or Engineering (MS)