Fitness Wellness
Term : Winter 2020
Catalog Year : 2020-2021

FW 420C - Exercise Program Design And Modification

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Description: This capstone course serves as a culminating experience for students in which they synthesize and apply the knowledge and skills to design and implement comprehensive exercise programs for apparently healthy individuals and those with health challenges who are able to exercise independently to enhance quality of life, improve health-related physical fitness, performance, and promote lasting health behavior change. Letter grade only.

Units: 3

Sections offered: Spring 2021

Requirement Designation: Senior Capstone

Liberal Studies Essential Skills: Effective Writing, Quantitative Reasoning

Prerequisite: HS 200, PE 325, BIO 192, BIO 201, BIO 202, FW 330, FW 380, and NTS 135 with grades of C or better in each