Community, Culture & Environment
Term : Fall 2015
Catalog Year : 2015-2016

CCE 450C - Civic Engagement Internship Capstone

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Description: Serve as interns with an organization of their choice for at least 8 hours a week during the semester. The internships will afford students with an in-depth, extensive, and reflective engagement in collaborative leadership roles, as well as a substantial community research project. Letter grade only.

Units: 3

Sections offered: Spring 2021

Requirement Designation: Senior Capstone

Prerequisite: (FYS 111, FYS 121, FYS 131, FYS 141, SYS 211, SYS 221, SYS 231, or SYS 241 with associated Action Research Team) and CCE 220, CCE 320, and CCE 330