Occupational Therapy Doctorate
Term : Fall 2019
Catalog Year : 2019-2020

OTD 701 - Practice Scholar Apprenticeship

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Description: This is a four semester faculty-mentored research experience. The student will design a practice scholar capstone project that reflects the scope of the profession, establishes new knowledge, and/or applies this knowledge to practice. The outcomes may include, but are not limited to, completing a literature review, internal review board (IRB) approval, data processes, and dissemination of the research project. Pass-fail only. May be repeated for up to 7 units of credit.

Units: 1-2

Sections offered: Fall 2019 Spring 2020 Summer 2020

Prerequisite: OTD 601, OTD 602, OTD 631, OTD 633, OTD 640, OTD 641, OTD 650, OTD 651, OTD 652 and OTD 660