Term : Summer 2019
Catalog Year : 2018-2019

GLG 460 - Introduction To Applied Geophysics

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Description: Much of our knowledge of the internal structure of the Earth stems from geophysical observations made at its surface. These observations have a broad range of applications that relate to fields such as engineering, hydrology, hazard assessment, geology, and archeology. In this course we will cover the basic theory behind these geophysical imaging techniques, their relevance/application to common geologic problems, and apply many of these techniques in the field. Co-convened with GLG 560. 3 hrs. lecture, 3 hrs. lab. Letter grade only.

Units: 4

Sections offered: Spring 2021

Prerequisite: GLG 101 and (MAT 137 or Math Placement Test Results (ALEKS/MATHA 65+; MATHC 65+; PLACE 70+)) and (PHY 112 or 262)