Curriculum and Instruction
Term : Fall 2021
Catalog Year : 2021-2022

ECI 318 - Social Studies, Child, Family And Cultural Relationships

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Description: This course develops teacher candidates' understanding of the content and professional standards associated with teaching and learning of Social Studies to both typically-developing and children with exceptionalities aged birth-8 years based on NAEYC, InTASC, and CEC standards. Students will develop and understanding of developmentally appropriate instructional and inclusive methodologies for teaching social and emotional development, language arts, math, science, social studies, the arts, and diagnosis and remediation of learning difficulties. Students will demonstrate developmentally appropriate instructional design and lesson planning including modifications and accommodations. Students will also focus on child, family, cultural relationships including community organizations that support and assist children with disabilities and their families. Letter grade only.

Units: 3

Sections offered: Fall 2021 Spring 2022 Summer 2022

Prerequisite: Admission to Professional Education Program