Applied Human Behavior
Term : Summer 2021
Catalog Year : 2020-2021

AHB 305W - Research Methods In Applied Human Behavior

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Description: This writing course is designed for students who wish to gain an understanding of the potential uses and limitations of social science research. It is intended to increase your awareness of the research process in the behavioral health field and your ability to conduct research in a thorough and ethical manner. Research Methods is designed to give you a foundation in the qualitative and quantitative methodologies associated with research analysis. Applied Human Behavior students have the opportunity to identify correlations between the causes of observed phenomena and their consequences and to draw reliable causal explanations of current human behavior issues. You have the opportunity to learn APA style writing through researching, organizing, and writing a well-developed research proposal using practice assignments along with peer and faculty feedback to draft and revise proposal elements. In particular, you will learn to identify research problems, develop viable research questions, and match those questions with the correct research tools and methodologies necessary to develop a complete research proposal. The practical knowledge and skills emphasized in this course can be applied to support best practice in academic, clinical, and administrative profession environments. Letter grade only.

Units: 3

Sections offered: Summer 2022 Fall 2022

Requirement Designation: Junior Writing Requirement

Liberal Studies Essential Skills: Effective Writing

Prerequisite: (Foundation English Requirement or HON 190) and Junior Status or higher