College of Arts and Letters

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Interdisciplinary Studies - Humanities 90-30, Bachelor of Arts

Campus Availability

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Program Information

Students may transfer in up to 90 hours of credit. However, all Liberal Studies and other graduation requirements must be met. Please contact an advisor for more information regarding the use of transfer credit and suitability of the Humanities 90-30 degree.

Advising Contact:
Extended Campuses Student Service Center

Humanities Emphasis
Complete the following 15 hours:
HUM 345W Critical Judgment in the Humanities
HUM 475C Human Nature and Values
SC 361 or SC 424 Persuasion OR Gender and Communications
ENG 305W Writing in Disciplinary Communities
BIO 301 or 302 Science, Religion, and Reality OR Relevance of Science

Choose 5 classes from the following for a total of 15 hours:
HUM 370, 371, 373, 375 (US Ethnic Diversity) 376, 395, 362 (Global Diversity), 381 (Global Diversity); or any 300-400 level HUM courses

Communication Skills
CIS 120 Computer Literacy
Choose one class from the following:  CST 111, CST 311, CST 312, CST 314, CST 315, CST 318
Choose one class from the following:  CST 271, CST 321, CST 323, CST 351, CST 365, CST 424, CST 465, CST 472, CST 477

Modern Language Requirement
Complete the following 16 units:
Demonstrate proficiency through the 202 level of a modern language, or complete four semesters of the same foreign language
Modern Language 101
Modern Language 102
Modern Language 201
Modern Language 202