Value of Student Learning Outcomes

Value to Students

Learning Outcomes

  • provide explicit language describing the ways of thinking, communicating, and depth and breadth of knowledge students will accumulate upon completion of their NAU degree
  • guide students to understand what it means to graduate with a degree from Northern Arizona University and how their major links to their University-wide experiences to uniquely contribute to their future
  • identify why students are learning what they are learning

Value to Faculty and Institution

Learning Outcomes

  • communicate the vision of what students will become over time through their experiences at NAU
  • tie together learning opportunities within and outside of the classroom and communicate how experiences contribute and build learning that lasts
  • provide common language for the university community to describe what students will know and be able to do upon completion of their NAU degree

Value to Arizona and Future Employers

Learning Outcomes

  • identify the unique learning experience our students receive, and the knowledge and skills they will bring to the world upon completion of their NAU degrees
  • help our communities and future employers understand the depth and breadth of thinking, communication, and unique discipline-focused contributions of NAU graduates