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Forestry, Bachelor of Science in Forestry

For more than four decades, Northern Arizona University has been developing and refining a distinctive forest management major designed to instill in you an awareness of the complexities inherent in contemporary wildland management and to help you develop as an involved citizen as well as a professional land manager. Our program helps you become well qualified to address the impacts that management decisions and practices have on all resources, including timber, wildlife, range, water, recreation, and scenic beauty.

This program is accredited by the Society of American Foresters (SAF).


What Can I Do with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry?

Are you happiest when you're outdoors? Would you like to protect the environment for future generations? Learn how at Northern Arizona University. Through work in the School of Forestry, you will learn to become a competent professional forester and land steward. Learn all aspects of forest ecosystems and their management. Graduate prepared for a career in the private sector or with a public land management agency.

Here, you will experience innovative and holistic approaches to understanding forestry. Our professional core (four semesters of integrated study) will allow you to build a lasting career and personal relationships. The School of Forestry is a national and international leader in natural resource education and forest research, with a deep commitment to understanding and protecting the environment.  

Career opportunities that might be pursued:
  • Private timber or consulting companies
  • State departments of forestry
  • State land departments
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

With further education, one of these paths is possible:
  • Forest manager
  • Government manager
  • University professor
  • Researcher

University Requirements

  • To receive a bachelor's degree at Northern Arizona University, you must complete at least 120 units of credit that minimally includes a major, the liberal studies requirements, and university requirements as listed below.

    • All of Northern Arizona University's liberal studies, diversity, junior-level writing, and capstone requirements.
    • All requirements for your specific academic plan(s).
    • At least 30 units of upper-division courses, which may include transfer work.
    • At least 30 units of coursework taken through Northern Arizona University, of which at least 18 must be upper-division courses (300-level or above). This requirement is not met by credit-by-exam, retro-credits, transfer coursework, etc.
    • A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 on all work attempted at Northern Arizona University.
    The full policy can be viewed here.



In addition to University Requirements:

  • At least 46 units of preprofessional requirements  
  • At least 51 units of professional requirements including 12-15 units of certificate or individualized concentration requirements
  • Be aware that you may not use courses with an FOR prefix to satisfy liberal studies requirements
  • Elective courses, if needed, to reach an overall total of at least 120 units

Please note that you may be able to use some courses to meet more than one requirement. Contact your advisor for details.

Minimum Units for Completion 120
Major GPA C
Highest Mathematics Required MAT 125
Additional Admission Requirements Required
University Honors Program Optional
Progression Plan Link Not Available


Additional Admission Requirements
  • Admission requirements over and above admission to NAU are required.
  • You do not need to apply for admission to the School of Forestry to take courses in the preprofessional program; your admission to Northern Arizona University is sufficient.

    However, application and admission to our professional program is required. You must complete all of the listed lower-division preprofessional courses before you can be admitted to and enrolled in the professional program, which starts with course numbers FOR 313, FOR 314, FOR 315, FOR 319.

    You can apply for admission to the professional program after you have completed at least 36 of the 46 units of preprofessional courses. To be accepted into the professional program, you must:

    • Have an overall grade point average of 2.75 or better in all of the preprofessional courses (excluding FOR 220, non-prerequisite liberal studies and elective courses)

      Have earned a grade of "C" or better in:

      If you haven't yet completed all of the preprofessional courses, you may be admitted conditionally if you meet the grade point average requirements and have successfully completed at least 36 units of this coursework. In this case, you must complete the remaining required coursework with a grade point average of 2.75 or better before you can begin the professional program courses. If your GPA is not 2.75 or better, your admission to the professional program will be canceled. If you wish to reapply for admission to the professional program the following year, please see the Forestry Academic Advisor.

      You will find an admission application for the professional program on our website at The deadline for submitting your application for fall term is March 1st of each year.

Major Requirements
  • Professional Requirements (51-54 units)
    • Professional Core
      Please note that you must enroll in all courses within a group in the same term, and you must complete each one with a grade of "C" or better before you can enroll in the next group of courses.
    • Certificate or Individualized Focus Requirements
      Complete an approved certificate plan or the Individualized Focus Area for the remaining 12-15 units. Certificates require a minimum of 9 units in 300- and 400-level courses. You must also earn a grade of "C" or better in each certificate or concentration area course (or "Pass" in Pass/Fail courses).
General Electives
  • Additional coursework is required, if, after you have met the previously described requirements, you have not yet completed a total of 120 units of credit. 

    You may take these remaining courses from any academic areas, using these courses to pursue your specific interests and goals. We encourage you to consult with your advisor to select the courses that will be most advantageous to you. (Please note that you may also use prerequisites or transfer credits as electives if they weren't used to meet major, minor, or liberal studies requirements.)

Additional Information
  • Be aware that some courses may have prerequisites that you must also take. For prerequisite information click on the course or see your advisor.

  • Integrated Undergraduate/Graduate Plan Option
  • This program is available as an Integrated Undergraduate/Graduate Plan.  Integrated Programs provide the opportunity for outstanding undergraduates working on their bachelor’s degree to simultaneously begin work on a master’s degree, allowing them to complete both degrees in an accelerated manner.  Students must apply to the master’s program by the application deadline, and meet all requirements as listed on the Integrated Program website to be considered for admission.  Admission to programs is competitive.  Many qualified applicants are denied because of limits on the number of students admitted each year.  Be sure to speak with your advisor regarding your interest in Integrated Programs.

Campus Availability

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