Applied Science - Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Applied Science

Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

If you have completed or will complete an associate degree from a community college, you may pursue this degree.

Our goal in offering the B.A.S. degree is to provide you with a general knowledge of management, organizational, and policy issues and to advance your communication, computer, and quantitative skills. This degree also offers you the opportunity to complete a specialization that will broaden your career horizons, promote life-long learning, and enrich your life. Northern Arizona University offers this degree at selected campuses throughout Arizona.

This plan will not be available to new students after Summer 2016

  • To receive a bachelor's degree at Northern Arizona University, you must complete at least 120 units of credit that minimally includes a major, the liberal studies requirements, and university requirements as listed below.

    • All of Northern Arizona University's diversity, liberal studies, junior-level writing, and capstone requirements.
    • All requirements for your specific academic plan(s).
    • At least 30 units of upper-division courses, which may include transfer work.
    • At least 30 units of coursework taken through Northern Arizona University, of which at least 18 must be upper-division courses (300-level or above). This requirement is not met by credit-by-exam, retro-credits, transfer coursework, etc.
    • A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 on all work attempted at Northern Arizona University.

    The full policy can be viewed here.

In addition to University Requirements:

  • 64-75 units in an associate's degree transfer block
  • At least 18 units of B.A.S. requirements
  • At least 21 units of criminal justice specialization requirements
  • Be aware 16-20 units of liberal studies requirements will be satisfied by the associate's degree transfer block
  • Elective courses, if needed, to reach an overall total of at least 120 units

Students may be able to use some courses to meet more than one requirement. Contact your advisor for details.

Minimum Units for Completion 120
Highest Mathematics Required MAT 114
Additional Admission Requirements Required
University Honors Program Optional
Progression Plan Link Not Available

Additional Admission Requirements
  • Individual program admission requirements over and above admission to NAU are required.

  • To be admitted into a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) plan, you must have an associate degree, either completed or in progress, at a regionally accredited institution, and the associate degree must be completed prior to the awarding of the BAS degree.

Liberal Studies Requirement
  • Northern Arizona University requires that you complete 35 units of liberal studies coursework. For this BAS plan, we assume that you have already completed, as part of your associate's degree, the composition, mathematics, and lab science requirements as well as 3 - 6 additional units within the liberal studies requirements, totaling 16 - 20 units.

    You select the remaining 15 - 19 units in consultation with your advisor to help you meet your personal goals and ensure that these courses contribute to a coherent overall curriculum.

    • By choosing carefully, you may be able to use the some courses to satisfy both a liberal studies and a B.A.S. requirement.
    • You may not use any CCJ prefix courses counted in your criminal-justice specialization to satisfy liberal studies requirements.
    • You may, however, use a qualifying CCJ prefix course from the B.A.S. requirement to satisfy a liberal studies requirement if it is not counted toward your criminal justice specialization.
Associate Degree Transfer Block
  • Northern Arizona University accepts a maximum block transfer of 64 units from your associate's degree program, you then take the remaining 56 units at Northern Arizona University to complete 120 units. (Please note that if you complete all core requirements, specialization, and liberal studies requirements in less than 56 units, you may take the remaining units from any courses offered by Northern Arizona University.)

    If you have been awarded an AAS degree from an Arizona community college, Northern Arizona University will accept up to a maximum of 75 transfer units. In order to complete the BAS within 120 total hours, an Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) needs to be included in the 75 units of transfer from the Arizona community college.

  • To qualify for a specialization in criminal justice, your transferred block must include 9 units of courses deemed equivalent to:  Please note that only those courses deemed equivalent by either an established articulation agreement approved by Northern Arizona University’s Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice or by a memorandum of understanding with the Criminal Justice Department qualify. You cannot use credit assigned for experience or assessed learning (such as CLEP credits) to meet this requirement. If you don’t have credit for these courses, you can take them after entering the B.A.S. plan.
Major Requirements
  • B.A.S. Requirements (18 units)
    This coursework is designed to help you acquire a general knowledge of management, organizational, and policy issues while advancing your professional communication, computer, and quantitative skills.
General Electives
  • Additional coursework is required if, after you have met the previously described requirements, you have not yet completed a total of 120 units of credit.

    You may take these remaining courses from any of the academic areas, using these courses to pursue your specific interests and goals. You may also use prerequisites or transfer credits as electives if they weren't used to meet major, minor, or liberal studies requirements.

    We encourage you to consult with your advisor to select the courses that will be most advantageous to you.

Additional Information
  • Be aware that some courses may have prerequisites that you must also successfully complete. For prerequisite information, click on the course or see your advisor.