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Civil and Environmental Engineering
Term : Summer 2023
Catalog Year : 2022-2023

CENE 476 - Engineering Design: Capstone Preparation

Description: This course is a project-based course that involves selecting a project, forming design teams, selecting projects working with a sponsor interaction and completing a project proposal accepted by the sponsor. Also included is content on leadership, project management, individual research, defining, scoping and scheduling, and creating a budget for the proposed engineering design. This course continues as CENE 486C the following semester. Required for civil engineering and environmental engineering majors. Letter grade only.

Units: 2

Sections offered: Fall 2024

Prerequisite (all): (CENE 336, CENE 386W) Civ E majors: (CENE 286L, CENE 376, CENE 383, CENE 383L, CENE 420) Env E majors: (CENE 281L, CENE 283L, CENE 332, CENE 335) Grades of C or better required for all prerequisites