Term : Summer 2018
Catalog Year : 2017-2018

GLG 350W - Geologic Communication And Topics

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Description: Scientific writing, critical reading, and effective oral communication centered around a topic of broad interest in earth science. Emphasizes conveying scientific data proficiently in writing and orally, with effective visuals. This course fulfills NAU's junior-level writing requirement. 2 hrs. lecture, 3 hrs. lab. Letter grade only. Course fee required. Prerequisites: ENG 105, admission to the geology program, and completion of 17 hours of geology coursework, or instructor's consent.

Units: 3

Sections offered: Spring 2022

Requirement Designation: Junior Writing Requirement

Liberal Studies Essential Skills: Effective Writing

Prerequisite: GLG 309 and (ENG 105 or HON 190 or English Placement Test Results (PLACE 60+))