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Physical Education
Term : Fall 2024
Catalog Year : 2024-2025

PE 345 - Physical Education For Middle School Students

Description: Instructional content, design and lesson planning including modifications and accommodations for developmentally appropriate physical education for middle school children while targeting a variety of teaching styles, practical guidance on student-centered planning, curriculum development and effective advocacy of strategies for best middle level practice. Students will apply the most current research on physical, socio-emotional, cognitive and identity development of young adolescents. Students will create and teach well developed, age-appropriate lessons that meet content standard requirements, integrate technology, and encompass multiple middle grade teaching and learning strategies. This course also requires completion of a Suicide Prevention training as outlined by the Arizona State Board of Education. Letter grade only.

Units: 4

No sections currently offered.

Pre- or Corequisite: PE 315 Grade of C or better required for prerequisite