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Term : Fall 2024
Catalog Year : 2024-2025

MAT 110 - College Algebra

Description: Algebraic operations; simplifying expressions; functions; graphs; linear, absolute value, power, polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions; equations and inequalities; systems of equations; sequences and series. Please note that if you have previously earned credit in either MAT 112 or 135, you may not earn credit in MAT 110. Letter grade only.

Units: 3

No sections currently offered.

Requirement Designation: Foundation Requirement

Liberal Studies Essential Skills: Quantitative Reasoning

Prerequisite: MAT 102X with a grade of C or better or Math Placement Test Results (ALEKS/MATHA 40+; MATHC 40+; PLACE 46+) or International Exchange Student Group

Sun Number:
MAT 1151