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Teaching Science and Math
Term : Summer 2021
Catalog Year : 2020-2021

TSM 495C - Apprentice Teaching

Description: Students participate in teaching science and/or mathematics in the secondary schools as their capstone field experience. Contains assessments that must be successfully completed in order to earn an Institutional Recommendation for certification. This course contains signature assessments. It is not possible to pass the course without passing the signature assessments. All signature assessments must meet or exceed minimum criteria. Department consent required. Pass-fail only. May be repeated for up to 12 units of credit. Course fee required.

Units: 1-12

Sections offered: Spring 2024 Fall 2024

Requirement Designation: Senior Capstone

Liberal Studies Essential Skills: Critical Thinking, Effective Writing

Prerequisite: Admission to Apprentice or Student Teaching Corequisite: TSM 496