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Bachelor of University Studies
Term : Spring 2023
Catalog Year : 2022-2023

BUS 449C - Bachelor Of University Studies Capstone Proposal Development

Description: This one-credit course requires you to prepare a capstone project proposal. Capstone proposals can be either an internship or project. The capstone proposal shall be centered around personal career aspirations and how the project/internship allows you to demonstrate achievement of BUS program outcomes. Specific capstone goals and how those align with BUS program outcomes will provide the framework of an ePortfolio to be completed in BUS 450C. A grade of C or better is required to be eligible for BUS 450C. Letter grade only.

Units: 1

Sections offered: Summer 2023

Requirement Designation: Senior Capstone

Liberal Studies Essential Skills: Critical Thinking, Effective Writing

Prerequisite: Admission to BUS degree with instructor approval Pre- or corequisite: Junior-level writing course