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Term : Spring 2024
Catalog Year : 2023-2024

NUR 322 - Fundamentals Of Nursing Practice

Description: Study of foundational concepts of nursing practice including the cognitive and psychomotor skill development needed to meet the basic human needs. Emphasis is placed on the development of student as a caring competent nurse at a beginning level. Provides knowledge of introductory skill development and health history and physical examinations skills essential for holistic practice. Letter grade only.

Units: 4

Sections offered: Spring 2024 Fall 2024

Prerequisite: Admission to TBSN or CBSN Corequisite: TBSN: (NUR 322L, NUR 323, NUR 326, NUR 327, NUR 330, and NUR 355); or CBSN: (NUR 322L, NUR 323, NUR 326, NUR 327, NUR 330, NUR 352, and NUR 355)