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Biological Sciences
Term : Summer 2019
Catalog Year : 2018-2019

BIO 507 - Soil Ecology

Description: In this course students will examine the principles of soil ecology, beginning with the development of soil and how it is fundamentally structured, to the biology of soil: the organisms that live below ground and how they regulate and affect soil fertility. Students will capitalize on local study systems (e.g. the campus composting and garden program, or burn scars in managed forest systems near the campus, or others), to learn the practical aspects of soil-testing. Students will measure the chemical, physical and biological properties of soils and decomposing organic matter. Cross-listed with FOR 507. 3 hrs lecture, 3 hrs lab. Letter grade only.

Units: 4

No sections currently offered.

Prerequisite: BIO 181, BIO 181L, CHM 151 and CHM 151L