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Personalized Learning Division
Term : Summer 2022
Catalog Year : 2021-2022

PLD 490C - Management Capstone For Human Resources And Healthcare Emphases

Description: This capstone course is designed to be a culminating experience in which students will integrate and demonstrate the knowledge, skills and abilities they have acquired through the Management core curriculum and their emphasis area of either Human Resources or Healthcare. Students will perform a comprehensive analysis of a management problem with a review and examination of supporting research, analysis of alternative strategies, and presentation of resolutions and implementation that are applicable to a Human Resource or Healthcare work environment. This culminating component of the Management program synthesizes students' experiences in the program and results in a demonstration of their knowledge, skills and abilities that will make them competitive and productive in a broad spectrum of management roles in the global marketplace. Letter grade only.

Units: 3

Requirement Designation: Senior Capstone

Liberal Studies Essential Skills: Creative & Aesthetic Thinking, Critical Thinking, Effective Writing

Prerequisite: Admission to a Personalized Learning program