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PSY 622 - Mental Well-being: Psychopathology And Positive Mental Health

Description: Mental health is more than the absence of mental disorders; it is an integral and necessary part of overall health and wellness. There are multiple determinants of positive mental health, including social, psychological, and biological factors that occur from the prenatal environment to early childhood, over the course of a lifetime. We will first review models of mental illness and mental health, as well as the characteristics of the most common mental illnesses, e.g., anxiety, mood (e.g., depression), substance abuse, and impulse control disorders. We will then explore well-being across age groups and how mental illness interacts with well-being to alter risk for acute and chronic health conditions, intimate partner violence and premature death. Finally, we will examine contributions from Positive Psychology to understand how subjective and emotional well-being can be promoted and protected, incorporating cross-cultural and global definitions. This course will emphasize that the promotion, protection and restoration of mental health is a vital concept for individuals, communities and societies throughout the world. Letter grade only.

Units: 3

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Prerequisite: Admission to Psychological Sciences MA