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Strategic and Industrial Leadership
Term : Summer 2024
Catalog Year : 2023-2024

LEA 409 - Great Organizations And Operations

Description: Without an exceptional culture that is designed and cultivated from the start, organizations who want to achieve more have an even greater headache in trying to get work done. Students will develop an understanding of what makes great organizations great and how these highly successful companies continue to increase value even in the face of adversity. This course will introduce students to a variety of highly successful companies whose steadfast commitment to discipline and attention to risk enabled them to outperform their industry by a factor of at least ten. Understanding the practices and tools the best managers use to successfully operate their enterprise, department or service is only one key ingredient to superb operations management. This course explores how effective operations and management tools are essential to an organization's success, including an introduction to supply chain management, Toyota Production System, Key Performance Indicators and Lean Six Sigma. Letter grade only.

Units: 3

Sections offered: Fall 2024

Prerequisite: (LEA 300W and Senior status); or Admission to Strategic Leadership certificate