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Electrical Engineering
Term : Summer 2023
Catalog Year : 2022-2023

EE 403 - Electric Drives

Description: AC/DC electric-machine drives for speed/position control. Integrated discussion of electric machines, power electronics, and control systems; power electronic converters for DC and AC motors, electromechanical energy conversion, design, construction, operation and control of DC, induction, permanent magnet, stepper and switched reluctance motors; feedback controller design for motor drives and applications in electric transportation, robotics, process control, and energy conservation. 2 hours lecture, 3 hours lab. Co-convened with EE 503. Letter grade only.

Units: 3

No sections currently offered.

Prerequisite: EE 280 with a grade of C or better; (Civil, Electrical, Environmental, or Mechanical Engineering major); and Junior status or higher