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Curriculum and Instruction
Term : Fall 2024
Catalog Year : 2024-2025

ECI 731 - Grant-writing Skills, Knowledge, And Dispositions Seminar

Description: Writing proposals for funding agencies can seem mysterious to the uninitiated. ECI 731 affords opportunities to doctoral students in the Curriculum and Instruction Program to develop an in-depth understanding of the grant-writing process through experiential, hands-on, approaches. A thorough exploration of the grant-writing process - taking novices from an initial call for proposals, to an analysis of writing guidelines, into an application of review rubrics, on to language and argument usage, into an exploration of procedures for submission, and finally, through the acceptance or non-funding judgement - prepares doctoral students to meet the challenge of grant-writing. Students review successful grant proposals, and analyze non-funded grant proposals for areas of deficiency. In groups, they identify and develop ways of addressing these weaknesses. Also, a requirement for students in ECI 731 is to construct a grant proposal. Letter grade only.

Units: 1

Sections offered: Summer 2024

Prerequisite: Acceptance into Curriculum and Instruction Doctoral Program, ECI 685, ECI 701, ECI 711