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Computer Information Technology
Term : Summer 2024
Catalog Year : 2023-2024

CIT 631 - Web Application Programming Foundations

Description: The focus of this course is Web programming using HTML and CSS. Students are introduced to HTML as the structural component and CSS as the layout and formatting component of the Web. This course examines HTML and CSS syntax, tags/selectors, and the importance of writing well-formed HTML code. Also introduced are the Document Object Model and CSS Box Model, browser support considerations, tag deprecation, code validation, options for scaling content, color specification methods, designing for aesthetic appeal, responsive design techniques, and HTML5 and CSS3 standards. Skills garnered in this course are important as they represent a baseline of required Web programming knowledge for careers in the mobile and Web application domain of the information technology field. This course builds on topics encountered in CIT630 by affording students fundamental programming skills and knowledge associated with mobile and Web application development. Students will engage in research and synthesize findings of peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles on programming best practices and current trends as well as apply programming techniques associated with mobile and Web application development. This course provides a foundation toward learning JavaScript in CIT632 as JavaScript is integrated into HTML and CSS to provide interactivity and client-side processing. Letter grade only.

Units: 3

Prerequisite: Admission to a Personalized Learning program