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Strategic and Industrial Leadership
Term : Summer 2024
Catalog Year : 2023-2024

LEA 422 - Managing High Performance Teams

Description: You are part of a critical project team responsible for implementing a new technology, and you feel as though nothing is getting accomplished. Costs are skyrocketing and the length of the project has been extended. This appears to be a common theme across many of the projects within the organization. Now it's your turn and you are responsible for bringing a product to market, on time and under budget. How you lead this endeavor to success will depend on your ability to effectively communicate, emotionally relate and positively influence the resources you have assembled on your team. As organizations struggle to implement, this course will focus where the others don't, on the attitudes and behaviors that are critical to leading high performance teams, and the purpose that drives them. This course will address many of these topics to help you become a better leader of effective teams. Students will complete the course by applying the recommended coaching methodology to manage a team of individuals in a real-world scenario. Letter grade only.

Units: 3

Sections offered: Fall 2024