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Women's and Gender Studies
Term : Fall 2022
Catalog Year : 2022-2023

WGS 280 - Women, Health, And Sexuality

Description: This course provides students with an in-depth examination of women's sexual and reproductive health issues. The course begins with theoretical and historical context, exploring development of sexuality and certain aspects of reproductive health throughout history. The course uses cross-cultural and global perspectives by focusing on issues and aspects of sexuality and reproduction, mapping change across time and space. It will cover topical areas in the field such as sexual socialization, medicalization of female sexuality, sexual identity and practices, self-pleasure, female genital cutting, sexually transmitted infections, eugenics and critiques of population control programs. These topics will be examined from feminist, public health, historical, sociological, and anthropological perspectives. The course demonstrates that sexuality and reproduction are extremely complex and have diverse meanings in contrast to being understood as simple and self-evident. Letter grade only.

Units: 3

Sections offered: Fall 2022 Spring 2023

Requirement Designation: Social and Political Worlds + Global

Liberal Studies Essential Skills: Critical Thinking