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Term : Summer 2020
Catalog Year : 2019-2020

ANT 314 - Stranger In A Strange Land I

Description: This upper-division, online anthropology elective course is designed to contribute to NAU's Liberal Studies Program, helping students gain the greatest Cultural Understanding possible while studying abroad, through a number of Critical Thinking assignments. First, students will actively participate in, and systematically observe traditions of diverse world cultures and their beliefs, customs, history, language, art, etc. Second, interpretation of cultural phenomena through a variety of anthropological theories will encourage students to analyze how statements made through cultural practices have different meanings based on different cultural perspectives. Third, through written assessments, students will present their analytical reasoning to differentiate between objective truths justified by evidence and subjective inferences stemming from cultural biases. The dynamic online platform provides course content that will motivate students to not only observe, analyze, and reflect on their own cultural settings prior to and during travel, but also to reflect on the experiences of other students who are studying abroad concurrently. The course assessments will include a number of reflective and technical writing assignments (totaling 25-40 pages), as well as interview, online, and library research activities. Letter grade only.

Units: 3

No sections currently offered.

Pre- or Corequisite: CIE 299 or CIE 599