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Strategic and Industrial Leadership
Term : Summer 2024
Catalog Year : 2023-2024

LEA 425 - Frontline Leadership In Industrial Organizations II

Description: Frontline Leadership in Industrial Organizations-II provides additional study depth of the field of supervision, foremanship and frontline leadership in industrial workplaces as well as strategies for the fourth industrial revolution. It builds upon the principles introduced in LEA325-Frontline Leadership in Industrial Organizations I and it is a prerequisite for this course. Students will engage in personal leadership development and application, situational leadership, ethical behavior models, transactional and transformational leadership and coaching techniques applicable to industrial workplace situations frontline leaders face. Frontline Leadership in Industrial Organizations II is an important component of the Industrial Leadership bachelor's degree program as it prepares students with leadership skills to be successful in today's industrial workplace. Letter grade only.

Units: 3

Sections offered: Fall 2024

Prerequisite: LEA 325