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Clinical Psychology
Term : Summer 2020
Catalog Year : 2019-2020

CPP 789 - Clinical Research Project

Description: The Clinical Research Project is intended to be a scholarly work that provides students an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and thought about a particular clinical area; to demonstrate the ability to analyze methodological issues; and to produce an original piece of scholarly work in the field of clinical psychology. Assisting the student in this process is a committee of faculty members who will review the material and make recommendations and suggestions to the student. The student should plan to spend a minimum of 9 - 12 months completing the CRP. Completion of this project is required prior to starting the internship. Pass/fail only. May be repeated for a maximum of 24 units.

Units: 1-4

Sections offered: Spring 2024

Prerequisite: CPP 627 and admission to the Clinical Psychology Psy.D. program Pre- or Corequisite: CPP 727