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Health Sciences

HS 609 - Public Health Applied Practice And Experience

Description: This course provides public health experience through collaboration with a public health agency or organization. Students arrange the experience to intern with an agency or organization of their choosing and assist with tasks that align with selected accreditation competencies. Agencies fundamental to public health include health departments, clinics, housing, schools, research, transportation, planning, parks and recreation, public safety, justice, economic development, not for profits, or elected public officials. In addition, students identify and develop one project to lead during their applied practice experience that directly benefits the agency and aligns with accreditation competencies. Activities and competencies will be identified and approved by the student, agency, and faculty advisor prior to starting their applied practice experience. Pass/Fail only.

Units: 6

No sections currently offered.

Requirement Designation:

Prerequisite: Graduate Status, and (15 units from: HS 501, HS 503, HS 505, HS 511, HS 572, HS 584, HS 612, HS 622)