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AST 333W - Laboratory Techniques In Astronomy And Planetary Science

Description: The fields of astronomy and planetary science are rooted in data acquisition, analysis, interpretation, and presenting results through scientific and technical writing. This course is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in all of these critically important areas. Students will design research projects, acquire data using field-specific scientific equipment, analyze and interpret these data using a variety of analytical techniques, and produce written reports to clearly disseminate their results. Techniques include sample preparation, machining and 3D printing, and various spectroscopic and modeling approaches. These student-led research projects will teach students the importance of clear communication, teamwork, collaborative research efforts, and revision of written work. This course fulfills NAU's junior-level writing requirement. Letter grade only. May be repeated for up to 6 units of credit.

Units: 3

No sections currently offered.

Requirement Designation: Junior Writing Requirement

Liberal Studies Essential Skills: Effective Writing

Prerequisite: (Foundation English Requirement or HON 190), PHY 263, and (Junior Status or higher)