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Term : Fall 2024
Catalog Year : 2024-2025

FOR 428 - Forest Products

Description: Sustainable harvesting and utilization of both wood and non-wood forest products contributes to the wise management of the world's forests, conserves biodiversity and improves rural economies. Focusing mainly on wood and wood-based products, in this course students will learn about the formation, structure and function of wood, and how its physical and mechanical properties are related to its suitability for different applications. In addition, we will also examine some non-wood forest products (e.g. biochar, nuts, seeds, berries, mushrooms, and medicinal plants), since they play an important role in sustaining rural and indigenous communities, and are a valuable component of forest conservation strategies. Co-convened with FOR 528. Letter grade only.

Units: 3

Sections offered: Fall 2024

Prerequisite: Junior Status or higher