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Term : Spring 2024
Catalog Year : 2023-2024

NUR 323 - Fundamentals Skills Assessment Studio

Description: Required skills laboratory for development and practice of the fundamentals of nursing practice including psychomotor skill development needed to implement safe and effective patient care. Emphasis is placed on practice completing health and physical assessments and recognizing expected findings in patients in the laboratory setting. Using the nursing process, students will acquire and practice critical reasoning skills in the selection of nursing diagnoses and planning of patient care. Students will demonstrate the principles of effective and accurate nursing documentation. This course provides the practice of foundational knowledge, fundamental skills and behaviors required for the student to implement and monitor selected nursing interventions and technologies. Letter grade only.

Units: 2

Sections offered: Spring 2024 Fall 2024

Prerequisite: Admission to TBSN/CBSN Corequisite: TBSN: (NUR 322, NUR 322L, NUR 326, NUR 327, NUR 330, and NUR 355) CBSN: (NUR 322, NUR 322L, NUR 326, NUR 327, NUR 330, NUR 352, and NUR 355)