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Term : Spring 2024
Catalog Year : 2023-2024

NUR 402L - Developmental And Health-illness Transitions Of Childbearing And Childrearing Families Clinical

Description: This clinical and experiential course presents the student with opportunities to plan or provide care for children of all ages, women who are planning on becoming, are, or have recently been pregnant, and families in community, outpatient, and inpatient settings. The skills developed in this course include (a) physiologic and developmental assessment for infants and children of all ages and levels of development; (b) health promotion, anticipatory guidance, and family teaching for prenatal, pregnant, and postpartum women; and (c) practice of the integration of theory content, critical reasoning, and the nursing process in a simulated and actual patient care activity. These learning experiences may take place in inpatient, ambulatory, school, or other community settings. The focus is on supporting positive health outcomes for the individuals as well as the family unit. The course builds upon the student's medical-surgical nursing knowledge and experience and expands their ability to provide quality nursing care across the lifespan. This clinical course prepares the student for their final semester of public health nursing and preceptor clinical experience. Letter grade only.

Units: 1

Sections offered: Spring 2024 Summer 2024 Fall 2024

Prerequisite: TBSN: (326L, 353, 375, 375L, 376, and 390W) CBSN: (326L, 348, 349, 349L, 353, 365, 365L, 366, and 390W) Corequisite: TBSN: (NUR 401, 402, 403, 417, 424, and 440) CBSN: (NUR 375, 375L, 376, 401, 402, 403, and 440)