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Term : Fall 2024
Catalog Year : 2024-2025

FOR 455 - Wildlife, Forestry, Fire, And Indigenous Peoples

Description: This course introduces students to wildlife management and stewardship in the context of forest fire. Though fire has been a source of disturbance for thousands of years, factors such as rising global temperatures, the introduction of exotic species of plants, and deforestation have increased the number of fires and their scale and intensity. Forest fire is an important factor to be considered in management of forest resources, including wildlife. Fire may have direct short-term effects on abundance and distribution of animals and/or long-term indirect effects through habitat modification. Both Indigenous science/Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and Western science can offer tools for wildlife management and stewardship. This course draws on history, law and policy, conventional wildlife management, wildlife habitat management, Indigenous science and TEK to provide students with knowledge and skills applicable to forestry and wildlife careers. Co-convened with FOR 555. Letter grade only.

Units: 3

No sections currently offered.

Prerequisite: Senior Status or higher