Term: Fall 2016

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HA 381 Green Restaurants
Introduces the basics of "green restaurants" and sustainability in the food service industry. The class discusses the key components of making a food service operation more sustainable and reducing their carbon footprint. Letter grade only.
3 HA 300 - Level
BBA 429 Green Logistics And Supply Chain Management
Covers environmentally-focused materials, product and process design, purchasing, production and logistics, including reverse logistics, as well as life cycle assessment to evaluate environmental impacts throughout the supply chain. Letter grade only.
3 BBA 400 - Level
POS 455 Political Ecology
Analyzes various green political theories and their positions on the nature of the ecological crisis, environmental ethics, ideology, policies, institutions, and political culture. Letter grade only.
3 POS 400 - Level
POS 254 Political Ideologies
Political ideas and belief systems in theory and practice. Includes democracy, liberalism, conservatism, Marxism, democratic socialism, liberation, and green ideologies. Letter grade only.
3 POS 200 - Level Social and Political Worlds Effective Writing
GER 350W Environmental Sustainability In Germany: Issues, Models, And Applications
BA in Modern Languages junior-level writing course. Focuses on developing an in-depth knowledge of the language and concepts associated with environmental sustainability in Germany, a leader in developing green technologies. Letter grade only.
3 GER 300 - Level Junior Writing Requirement Effective Writing
CHM 130L Fundamental Chemistry Lab
Introduces general laboratory practices and uses the scientific method to solve problems of a chemical nature. Introduces green chemistry principles. Letter grade only. Course fee required.
1 CHM 100 - Level Lab Science SUN Scientific Inquiry
CMF 221 Producing Film
In this class we will take a movie from inception to the final product with all the physical elements that a studio uses in real business operations, including pitch, treatment, screenplay, budget, coverage, green lighting, scheduling, production design, physical production, and post production. Letter grade only. Course fee required.
3 CMF 200 - Level
ENG 530 Professional Environmental Writing
This course will examine environmental communication, specifically green/cultural tourism promotion, journalism, public participation, health and safety, non-profit communication, and multimedia production. Students will incorporate field experience and produce a workable business/problem solving proposal, multimedia marketing or informational materials for an instructor approved non-profit organization. Letter grade only.
3 ENG 500 - Level