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Global Business Administration, Master of Global Business Administration

Learning Outcomes

Purpose Statement

The purpose of Master of Global Business Administration (MGBA) is to provide excellent graduate business administration education using the Malcolm Baldrige national Quality Award standards for education as applied through the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) accreditation.  We seek to be a premier provider of Baldrige-Quality graduate business administration education with an emphasis on value and accessibility.  We focus on core business competencies within a global context.

The program prepares graduates for a significant career in business, specifically with an emphasis on border business issues (including the Unites States and Mexico) and to fill demand by Arizona and other employers for such graduates.   In particular, students from all educational and professional backgrounds as well as experienced professionals will be provided opportunities to develop and strengthen their skills in ethical business practices, problem solving, communications, team dynamics, and leadership, with particular emphasis in foreign trade and trans-border issues, in order to prepare them for supervisory and executive management positions in any organization.  Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to (1) think creatively, analyze and synthesize data from multiple perspectives, (2) analyze and use financial information, (3) solve problems using decision-making tools and theories, (4) engage others through effective interpersonal skills, (5) communicate effectively in oral and written formats, (6) work well in team settings, (7) design and implement effective strategies for the global marketplace, and (8) discern the underpinning ethical issues in local and global business decision-making, including those involving social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and profitability.

The MGBA Program, taught by faculty with experience beyond academia, provides the participating students with a strong theoretical background in domestic and global business practices supplemented with hands-on innovative projects that are supervised by organizational mentors from collaborating business partners with the goal of promoting economic growth, locally, regionally, and globally.

Our faculty is selected for their scholarly and business administration experience. The faculty contribute to the body of knowledge primarily through engaged scholarship, including research, publications, and scholarly professional activities regarding teaching, discovery, integration, and application.

We value visionary and innovative leadership, lifelong student, faculty and organizational learning, ethical and socially responsible behavior, creating and improving excellent quality and value – personal and societal, and diversity of people and ideas.

Student Learning Outcomes

Master of Global Business Administration 

Ethical Business Practices – Develop ethical and sound business practices based on leading industry standards in marketing, accounting and finance, management, operations, and supply chain management.
  • Business Problem Solving – Evaluate business problems, formulate and then apply solutions based on financial and strategic information including the global business environment.
  • Business Communication – Apply effective written, oral, and non-verbal communication skills in a cross-cultural business environment.
  • Business Teams and Leadership – Build multi-cultural teams and evaluate multi-cultural leadership in contemporary business environments including virtual contexts. 
Transnational Justice Administration Emphasis 
  • Apply contemporary business and management techniques to improve financial decision-making and the administration of justice agency resources and programs; and
  • Understand the value of international cooperation for addressing transnational as well as local crime in the US-Mexico border region.

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