Learning Outcomes - 2021-2022

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Department of Applied Indigenous Studies

Applied Indigenous Studies, Bachelor of Science

Learning Outcomes:

Purpose Statement

This degree in Applied Indigenous Studies explores issues of concern to indigenous peoples both in the Americas and around the globe. The curriculum grounds students in tribal histories and cultures, governmental policies, sustainable economic development, indigenous entrepreneurship, and contemporary conditions on native lands and reservations. The Applied Indigenous Studies degree program emphasizes contemporary tribal management skills and respect for indigenous cultures. Students will gain the knowledge and tools to contribute to the sustainability of the indigenous communities into the 21st century. Using a curriculum to community approach, students will prepare to move from learning to action, applying native ways of knowing for the benefit of indigenous communities within the United States and abroad. Students will be able to effectively serve as administrators of key government service departments and programs within the tribal governments, such as planning departments, environmental, education, and related social service departments; apply the distinct laws, policies, regulations and executive orders applying to tribal nations and American Indian and Indigenous lands and jurisdictional areas; apply laws, policies, regulations and executive orders unique to American Indian tribal nations in the United States as well as international legal standards applicable to Indigenous peoples worldwide to manage and protect culturally significant sites and resources; and develop and implement economic development strategies that are culturally appropriate and feasible for Indigenous individuals, communities and nations using models of Indigenous entrepreneurship. Our program is globally oriented, traditionally grounded, and 21st century-focused. In line with Native American tradition, we are committed to training indigenous professionals for today, tomorrow, and the next seven generations to come.

Student Learning Outcomes

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