College of Arts and Letters2021-2022

Department of English

Applied Linguistics, Doctor of Philosophy

Learning Outcomes

Purpose Statement

PhD students pursue a diverse range of applied linguistic issues in preparation for their careers as researchers, teacher trainers, or leaders in fields related to teaching and learning second languages, including:

  • computer-assisted language learning (CALL)
  • corpus linguistics
  • grammar and discourse
  • language planning and policy
  • language testing and program evaluation
  • language variation
  • literacy       
  • register analysis
  • second language acquisition
  • second language teaching and learning
  • speech perception and production

Our faculty work closely with individual students, helping them to develop as colleagues in applied linguistics. As a result, our PhD students have outstanding records of publication and participation in major conferences such as TESOL and AAAL. Graduates of our program have also been highly successful at obtaining tenure-track faculty positions at major universities.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the PhD in Applied Linguistics, students will have:

  • Advanced critical and analytical knowledge of the structure and uses of the English language, English language discourse processes and genres, the development of second language learning processes in their diverse cultural contexts, and the assessment of both language program effectiveness and individual language proficiency
  • Ability to address issues of language learning in real world settings
  • Ability to address both language program effectiveness and individual language proficiency
  • Ability to contribute to innovative and effective English language teaching practices in the State of Arizona and elsewhere
  • Ability to integrate use of technology into language instruction and research
  • Ability to synthesize information and approaches across a range of core topics in Applied Linguistics, such as language acquisition, language in society, English grammar, and the development of language curricula and programs
  • Understanding of the many issues relevant to cross-cultural communication
  • Comprehensive preparation and professional orientation for advanced research in Ph.D. programs
  • Ability to design, conduct, analyze, and interpret original and important empirical research
  • Ability to contribute as active professionals in Applied Linguistics and related fields
  • Expertise and qualifications to contribute significantly in professorial positions to the growth and development of Applied Linguistics

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