College of Education2021-2022

Department of Teaching and Learning

Applied Science - Early Childhood, Bachelor of Applied Science

Learning Outcomes

Purpose Statement

The BAS Early Childhood degree program is designed for students who have completed or will complete an associate degree from a community college.

The purpose of this degree, which does not lead to teacher certification, is to provide a general knowledge of child development, early literacy development, and preschool curriculum and assessment. This degree is a viable way for students interested in early childhood education to continue their education after earning an associate degree from a community college. The BAS Early Childhood degree, steeped in national early childhood standards, concentrates on educating students about the expanding, specialized knowledge base concerning early childhood. Students also complete an independent study project as part of the capstone experience, ECI 497, focused on a selected topic in early childhood education.

Students who complete this degree will be prepared to take advantage of career opportunities, including working in preschools, non-profit organizations, state agencies, and other venues where specialized coursework in early childhood is required or preferred for positions.

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