College of Education2021-2022

Department of Educational Leadership

Educational Leadership - Community College/Higher Education, Master of Education

Learning Outcomes


The MEd in CCHE Program provides students with 21st century leadership skills necessary to inspire and transform teams to meet the challenges and opportunities of today’s higher education institutions; private and public organizations, agencies, and units; non-profit; military, health, social, and law enforcement sectors; and business and industry training and development programs and services. The Program focuses on cutting-edge teaching and learning leadership knowledge and skill sets where students achieve the following:

  • Integrate prior knowledge and experiences
  • Identify essential knowledge in the discipline
  • Engage in professional discourse
  • Apply research tools and processes
  • Communicate effectively in sociocultural and technological contexts
  • Consider institutional environments and contexts of diverse communities
  • Utilize theories and evidence-based practices to inform teaching and learning leadership
  • Create professional development plans for career goals

The CCHE Program offers all-online asynchronous learning with multiple points for enrollment and options for time-to-degree/graduation. The Program courses have no prerequisites and promote interdisciplinary experiences.
The Program is customized for:

  • Current and future NAU graduate students who wish to work in careers related to higher education (e.g., universities, community colleges)
  • Individuals who work or wish to work outside of public education where facilitating the learning of others is offered (e.g., military, non-profits, entrepreneurial entities, business and industry, law enforcement, and governmental sectors)
  • Individuals seeking a career change
  • Current NAU graduate students interested in earning a second master’s degree to use as an additional credential
  • Retirees and individuals wishing part-time work in teaching areas based on their experiences, academic backgrounds, and work/employment records

The Community College Teaching & Learning Certificate (CCTLC) is designed for individuals pursuing teaching opportunities at the community college/higher education level. It is geared to supplement students’ practical and technical skills for their fields of expertise with community college organizational knowledge, curriculum design, college teaching, and understanding the characteristics of today’s community college student.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • CCHE students will synthesize and apply knowledge of research processes and methodologies in collecting and assessing data to identify and solve problems that inform decision making in leadership
  • CCHE students will demonstrate ethical and professional leadership skills, qualities, and behaviors to engage effectively with institutional stakeholders in interdependent local, national, global, political, economic, and environmental contexts
  • CCHE students will prepare proposals to solve institutional challenges by utilizing diverse cultural, social, and intellectual resources within communities 
  • CCHE students will analyze and integrate disciplinary and sub-disciplinary theories, concepts, principles, and evidence-based practices in proposing and implementing partnerships, alliances, networks, strategies, or educational programs 
  • CCHE students will articulate the importance of lifelong leadership learning through multiple perspectives of higher education and as examined through diverse and multi-cultural lenses 
  • CCHE students will be prepared to function in leadership settings relevant to their training and experiences within non-profit and for-profit institutions, online and virtual campuses, sponsored campuses and programs, and private institutions by creating a professional development plan to advance their professionalism 

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