College of Arts and Letters2021-2022

Department of English

English - Literature, Master of Arts

Learning Outcomes

Purpose Statement

In the Literary Studies Emphasis of the MA-English, students acquire a strong foundation in literary theory and research and develop an advanced understanding of traditional and emerging literary histories and fields of scholarship. The course of study for this flexible program includes foundational coursework in literary theory, rhetorical theory, and literary research methods, while additional classes build upon these foundations by developing expertise in specific genres, periods, and topics.  The program provides opportunities for students to work on closely mentored, individualized projects directed toward practical professional goals like writing and submitting essays for publication in journals and for presentation at conferences.  This degree is ideal for students seeking preparation for PhD work or community college teaching in literature, and for secondary teachers and others seeking additional training in literary studies.

Student Learning Outcomes

Theory and Knowledge

1.     Students will learn the theoretical foundations and research methods in advanced literary studies, and gain expertise in specific genres, periods, and topics in the field.
Analysis and Critical Thinking
2.     Students will learn to critically analyze how written, digital, visual, and spoken texts shape and are shaped by diverse local, national, global, historical, aesthetic, and ideological contexts.
3.     Students will learn to evaluate and synthesize appropriate research, scholarship, and methodologies as demonstrated in advanced-level scholarly projects, creative work, discussion and presentation, and other appropriate assignments.
Research and Application
4.     Students will learn to construct course-related projects directed at investigating, understanding, and applying scholarly approaches and criticism in the field of literary studies.
5.     Students will learn to participate in advanced professional activities (conferences, publications, practicum experiences, research projects, and other activities).

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