College of Arts and Letters2021-2022

Department of English

English - Professional Writing, Master of Arts

Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. The rhetorical demands inherent in business, industry, and government settings.
  • Ability to analyze the context of any document and write that document to fit the demands of its specific context
  • Ability to plan a process to develop and complete any document and to carry out that plan, resulting in a successful document in its actual context
  1. Understanding of the writing and editing skills necessary to create and write documents with the characteristics demanded in professional settings: clarity, conciseness, coherence, and correctness.
  • Ability to edit the documents of self and others, to bring those documents to a professional and/or publishable level, in terms of such things as clear sentences; logical and effective organization; powerful supporting graphics; and effective documentation.
  • Ability to analyze problems in a business, industry, or government setting and design and conduct the research necessary to solve that problem and write an appropriate document detailing those results, such as a proposal or a set of procedures.
  1. Detailed understanding of specific types of documents required in business, industry, non-profits, and government, and the ability to generate those documents, either by one’s self or as a part of a team effort.
  • Ability to write and edit professional content, such as proposals, specifications, reports, procedures, policies, white papers, training manuals, user documentation, and technical documentation
  • Ability to write any of these for appropriate workplace publication media.

In addition, each student completes an electronic portfolio of his or her professional work and also completes an application project, which involves finding a specific and actual problem in the working world, doing the research to solve that problem, and presenting those results to the appropriate management supervisors for implementation.  Examples of past projects include development of a training and orientation program for new employees; creation of a new website for a specific clientele; evaluation of a county court’s procedures for filing and accessing court records, which resulted in an entire new system; and many other such practical, on-the-job projects.

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