College of Health and Human Services2021-2022

Department of Health Sciences

Health Sciences - Nutrition and Foods, Bachelor of Science

Learning Outcomes

Purpose Statement

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences: Nutrition and Foods prepares students to understand and apply physical, biological, and chemical makeup of food (nutrients), how the body uses nutrients to impact health and disease, and, the process of food selection and preparation for maintenance or improvement of overall health, wellness, and performance.

The degree program is designed for students with diverse health career interests with a functional health emphasis: the integration of fitness and performance, wellness, clinical and public health programming is foundational to broad professional application. Students will learn, evidence-based methods and develop experience-based knowledge that supports an overall holistic approach to health.

Through practical application, students will be prepared to: evaluate and apply nutrition research to design interventions, counsel individuals and the public, facilitate and support behavior change; advocate for sustainable food practice; and serve as community nutrition resources.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate foundational Food Science content knowledge and process.
  • Integrate current nutrition, food, scientific information and research into practice by locating, interpreting, evaluating and using professional literature to make ethical evidence-based practice decisions.
  • Demonstrate the beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors of a public health nutrition professional.
  • Use current information technologies to communicate to a broad range of audiences.
  • Apply counseling/coaching techniques to facilitate behavior change in individuals and for communities.
  • Apply knowledge of the role of environment, food and lifestyle choices to develop interventions to affect change and enhance wellness in diverse individuals and groups.
  • Create educational sessions, programs or strategies for individuals or a target population.
  • Strategically apply principles of management and systems in the provision of services to individuals and organizations.

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