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Business and Administration

Interdisciplinary Studies - Industrial Leadership 90-30, Bachelor

Learning Outcomes

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Industrial Leadership (BIS-IL) program is to provide a quality education in leadership within the industrial technology industries, general business and liberal studies.  The program emphasizes written, verbal and virtual communication skills, creative problem solving, teamwork, and ethical leadership. Students will study the field of supervision and foremanship in industrial workplaces in addition to leadership strategies for the fourth industrial revolution.  Courses emphasize pragmatic, real-world-relevant content for the industrial workplace and utilize realistic experiential assignments and case studies. The senior capstone is a culmination of the skills gained in the coursework and applied in an industrial workplace setting as a consulting project with a local industrial employer.  Upon completing the Industrial Leadership degree, students will be prepared to fill leadership roles within industrial organizations to solve problems and meet those organization’s objectives. 

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Communication: Demonstrate efficient use of written, verbal and virtual communication skills to identify a problem and communicate the solution to stakeholders.
  •  Problem Solving: Apply techniques for problem-solving and decision-making in industrial workplace settings.
  • Teamwork & Leadership: Demonstrate the ability to lead and productively participate in team situations.
  • Ethical Leadership: Identify ethical issues and apply the values of professional responsibility as an industrial leader.

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