College of Education2021-2022

Department of Teaching and Learning

Interdisciplinary Studies - Learning and Pedagogy, Bachelor

Learning Outcomes

Purpose Statement

The Interdisciplinary Studies, Learning and Pedagogy degree program provides students with a framework for entering an occupation that requires a broad general education, for seeking career advancement or personal intellectual enrichment, or for considering a pre-professional plan. This program’s major requirements include an individualized learning and pedagogy specialization, the option of a concentration, minor, or certificate, and interdisciplinary coursework in the areas of communication, language or science, and computer literacy.

This flexible bachelor’s degree offers students the opportunity to design a plan of studies, in consultation with an advisor, to meet individual educational needs. This degree focuses on conceptual knowledge related to student learning, educational issues, human development, assessment, and school and society. You won't be required to complete student teaching. You will be prepared to enter an occupation that requires a broad general education, benefiting from a degree to help advance your career and provide personal intellectual enrichment.

Students who complete this program will have an education background that will enrich them both personally and professionally.   This degree does not lead to teacher certification.

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