The W. A. Franke College of Business2021-2022


Marketing, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Learning Outcomes

Purpose Statement

The mission of the FCB marketing program is to educate and develop students to be capable of meeting their individual potential, as well as meeting the needs of employers and society. Students of the marketing program will be able to contribute to organizations with knowledge of marketing tactics and strategy for non-profit and for-profit companies. In NAU’s marketing program, students will learn how to develop a marketing plan including:  
  • understanding consumer behavior and the buying process;
  • conducting market research;
  • developing communication strategies;
  • how best to make products and services accessible to customers;
  • leveraging technology to manage data and improve business decision making
We will foster an environment that allows students to thrive through accessible and knowledgeable faculty, interactions with business professionals, and challenging coursework.
Student Learning Outcomes

MARKETING KNOWLEDGE: students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of fundamental marketing concepts and apply that knowledge to business situations. 
  • Define market segmentation, target marketing, marketing mix and positioning. Identify segmentation variables and use them to describe target markets. Explain how a marketing mix is supporting an organization’s positioning and goals.
  • Identify, describe and apply consumer behavior concepts and discuss the implications for marketing practices. 
  • Apply customer relationship concepts to marketing planning, strategy and recommendations for profit and non-profit organizations.
  • Discuss the role of data in decision making and explain how marketing research is conducted and used for marketing decisions.
  • Identify and describe the components of a marketing plan.
CRITICAL THINKING & PROBLEM SOLVING Students should be able to find and use relevant evidence to propose alternative solutions and support recommendations.
  • Analyze and evaluate business situations, identify problems and offer useful marketing recommendations.
  • Evaluate a business situation (profit and non-profit organizations) and utilize marketing knowledge and skills to prepare and/or adjust a marketing strategy.  
  • Analyze customer behavior and purchase data to discover relationships, build associations, and gain insights to provide informed marketing decisions.
INTERPERSONAL & COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Students should be able to collaborate and communicate clearly and objectively.
  • Develop professional presentation materials and visuals
  • Demonstrate ability to clearly present ideas that generate audience interest.
  • Explain and clarify in response to questions.
  • Collaborate appropriately with team members.
LEVERAGING TECHNOLOGY:  Students should be able to use technology to manage data and improve business decision making.
  • Utilize on-line reporting systems, data mining and data warehousing techniques.
  • Use customer behavior and purchase data to create dashboards containing visual displays of marketing/sales data.

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